Fierce competition for funds for special projects demands that the money invested in a special project creates value. The Campus Guide does just that. It leverages the value inherent in the campus, its buildings, and its creators to cultivate potential patrons, re-engage alumni and their participation, and attract the most fitting students to each class.

“The Campus Guide is a singular history of the college: not just its structures, but the people who built, occupied, and shaped them, while they in turn shaped us.” — Adam Falk, Williams College, President-emeritus; Carnegie Foundation, president

Trinity College, University of Toronto, 2d edition

“Our most important volunteers love this campus, and the Campus Guide connects them to campus when they are not here, and importantly, helps them to understand how things change while they stay the same.” — Christine Paxson, President, Brown University

“It is a great gift to give every corporation board member, and a great piece of literature that has never before existed about Brown.” — Joan W. Sorenson, Corporation Board member, alumna, and parent, Brown University

East Campus mall, Duke University

“In our digital, globalized world, place matters more than ever. The Campus Guide provides a brilliant introduction to the places and spaces in which our faculty, staff, students, and alumni come together to learn, discover, and innovate.” — Meric S. Gertler, President, University of Toronto

Thompson Library, Vassar College

“Our alumni discover the campus etched in their mind’s eye with clarity and affection. In a world in which so much changes, the college offers reassuring continuity.” — Frances D. Fergusson, President, Vassar College

“Colleges are richly human environments, shaped by the way we live in and even remember them. Alumni opinions about campus buildings are often rooted in personal experience and memory.” — Adam Falk, Williams College, President-emeritus

Media Lab, MIT

“The Brown Campus Guide is a tasteful and sophisticated tool to steward prospective donors and boost pride of place among alumni.” — Todd Andrews, Alumni Relations Vice President, Brown University

The Campus Guide is an effective steward: five schools have published revised editions of the Campus Guide—all new books that feature the results of successful capital giving campaigns that were assisted by the original Campus Guide.

Clark Art Institute, Williams College

“What a wonderful, living thing a campus is.” — Adam Falk, Williams College, President-emeritus

“To compete successfully for the attention of our alumni, Brown University placed the Campus Guide at the forefront of the 250th anniversary.” — Vice President, Alumni Relations, Brown University

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Contact the Campus Guide program director. We will discuss your school’s objectives and the Campus Guide product best-suited to your campus, your objectives, and your budget.


12–18 months to create, write and photograph
12–18 months to produce: edit, design, print, bind, and ship

Financial Investment

Includes all-in costs for editors, writer, photographer, mapmaker, mobile app developer, designer, and printing

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