Princeton University
and Neighboring Institutions

Robert Spencer Barnett

Second Edition
Paperback $34.95
352 pages

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(First Edition by Raymond P. Rhinehart)

Princeton University & Neighboring Institutions: The Campus Guide offers an elegantly revised and expanded edition to the original Princeton: The Campus Guide (1999), presenting $2 billion of capital investment in fifty projects during the 2000–2015 period. With a Foreword by President-Emeritus Shirley M. Tilghman (2001–13) and a sweeping Introduction by university architect Ronald McCoy, the new Princeton Campus Guide showcases the university’s significant advances in the sciences and engineering, as well as an innovative campus landscape plan that emphasizes connections between and among buildings and neighborhoods while enhancing pedestrian safety and pleasure. The second edition of Princeton University: The Campus Guide sets the stage for the Princeton campus in the twenty-first century.