retail price $34.95
6.25" × 10" paperback with flaps
150–300 pages, 150–200 photos
18" × 30" fold-out aerial map
For 5,000 books:
Total cost of Campus Guide $100,000
Gross income $174,750
Net income (–20% for sales/distribution) $139,800
Profit/loss $39,800
retail price $18.95
4.25" × 7" jacketed paperback
92 pages, 50–75 photos
jacket unfolds to aerial map
For 5,000 books:
Total cost of Campus Guide $50,000
Gross income $94,750
Net income (–20% for sales/distribution) $75,800
Profit/loss $25,800
retail price $12.95
cross-platform support
self-guided tour
GPS-compatible map
social media diffusion model
For 5,000 books:
Total cost of Campus Guide App
(free to campus community)
Gross income $64,750
Net income (–20% for sales/distribution) $51,800
Profit/loss $1,800

Brown University placed the Campus Guide at the forefront of the 250th anniversary, “to compete successfully for the attention of our alumni,” says Brown Alumni Relations vice president Todd Andrews ’83, P’18. “There’s a lot of competition for the patronage and philanthropy of alumni, parents and friends. The Campus Guide goes beyond traditional venues, such as invitations, newsletters, and annual reports, and has been an incredible tool to bring home Brown, for the people who love Brown.”

Creating a Campus Guide, for Brown or any college or university, says Paxson, “takes a lot of time and serious commitment, yet at the end you have this beautifully produced book.” Every Campus Guide is co-published in collaboration with the school and Princeton Architectural Press. In fact, early on, Brown University was not convinced the Campus Guide was a wise investment—$100,000 for 5,000 books and $125,000 for 10,000. The return on investment was unclear at the outset.

Enter Joan Wernig Sorensen ’72, P’06, P’06, Pembroke alumna, Brown University Corporation Board member, and, at the time, Alumni Affairs House Committee member. “I never take ‘no’ for an answer,” she said. Sorensen was convinced in the Campus Guide’s value for Brown and the 250th anniversary.

Sorenson understood that the Press publishes each Campus Guide with the school’s collaboration and financial investment. She first created support for the project, and then identified a source of funds—both, critical steps in the heated competition for program dollars. She knew of a relatively discrete endowment that could be tapped to pay for the Brown Campus Guide, which the book will pay back with sales through the Campus Bookstore and alumni affairs.

In the first year, the retail sales of Brown University: The Campus Guide alone amounted to 1,400 units. Adding in books for the President’s office, Advancement, Communications, and Admission, the annual total of 1,500 books averages out to a three years’ supply. “Our most important volunteers love this campus, and the Campus Guide connects them to campus when they are not here, and importantly, helps them to understand how things change while they stay the same,” says Paxson.

“It is a great gift to give to every corporation board member,” says Sorensen, “and a great piece of literature that has never before existed about Brown.”

“The Brown Campus Guide is a tasteful and sophisticated tool to steward prospective donors and boost pride of place among alumni,” says Andrews.

The Campus Guide has proven to be an effective steward. Five schools have published revised editions of their original Campus Guides—seeded by unprecedented capital giving—entirely new books that showcase innovative educational programs and new buildings by major architects.

“The Brown Campus Guide has awakened and contributed to a growing appreciation for how the campus and the design of its buildings and landscape can be both a reflection of and a contributor to the University’s core values—values that include diversity, mission, and stewardship of the environment,” says author Raymond P. Rhinehart, ’62.

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