Terrence Donnelly Health Science Complex, University of Toronto, Second Edition  

“The American college campus represents an ideal form of community where the ensemble of landscape and architecture together represent the purpose, identity, and values of an institution.”

— Natalie Shivers, Associate University Architect, Princeton University

The Campus Guide series showcases North America's premier colleges, universities, and academies in visually stunning books, maps, and apps. Each book takes the reader on a curated campus tour, highlighting major buildings, special places, and landmark events.

“The Campus Guide is a great door opener for stewarding a major potential donor.”

— Todd Andrews, Brown University

The Guides

Princeton Architectural Press premiered the Campus Guides in 1999. The series has grown to include 33 volumes on 27 colleges, universities, and academies and will ultimately feature at least 250 of North America's finest college and univesity campuses. The Campus Guides span a wide variety of institutions, including state colleges, small private institutions, Ivy League universities, and each book is uniquely tailored to the campus they represent.

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Benefits of a Campus Guide

Few places influence a person more than college. The Campus Guides capture the distinctive culture, lore, and life that define each institution. Organized by beautifully illustrated “Walks,” these building tours of the campus highlight the premier educational programs; notable architecture; and pivotal leaders, educators, and alumni that make the institution unique. A remarkable resource for recruitment, alumni relations, donor partnerships, and much more.

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Value of a Campus Guide

Alumni, parents, patrons, visitors, and administrators value the Campus Guides for their institutional value, beauty, intelligence, and personal connection. Leverage the value inherent in your campus, its buildings, and its creators to cultivate potential patrons, reengage alumni, and attract the most fitting students for each class.

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Types of Campus Guides

The Campus Guide products encompass the classic book, the mobile app, and a pull-out campus map. This menu of products enables each school to tailor the right platform and approach for your institution. Each book includes a foreword by the President, Chancellor, or Head of School, and an introduction to the history and landmarks of the campus. Illustrated with 100 to 200 photographs that bring the campus and buildings to life, the book is organized in 7 to 10 walks, each featuring 12-15 buildings or sites.

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Acclaim for the Campus Guides series

The Campus Guides series has received national and local press coverage and praise from university administrators, architects, and alumni.

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“The Campus Guide tells us a very great deal about the particular motives and energies that helped to shape the forms and functions of individual buildings.”

— Neil L. Rudenstine, President emeritus, Harvard University

About Princeton Architectural Press

Princeton Architectural Press is a world leader in architecture and design publishing, both in market share and in editorial and design excellence. With over 1,000 titles published, we have consistently sought the best in our field, and are privileged to be able to attract and publish it. Celebrating our thirty-fifth year, including twenty as publisher of The Campus Guides™, we’ve made our reputation in part by identifying new trends and publishing first books on emerging talents, as well as definitive works on established names, and by creating books of unsurpassed design quality and production values.

Both the Press and our books have won numerous awards, for editorial excellence and for book design. They’ve been described in professional and popular media as “visually inviting,” “elegant and charming,” “useful as well as beautiful,” “lovingly produced,” “authoritative,” “thorough and comprehensive,” and so on: we make books that are smart, beautiful, and useful.

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